Tracklist/Description: Every mix is an autobiography. You pick certain tracks because they make you feel a certain way, because they remind you of a time, a place or a person, because the samples speak to you or because the vocals express how you feel, even if you can't or won't say. You pick some of the tracks because they just belong. Or maybe because they don't. There's meaning in that, too. Hope you enjoy this one. Just trying to keep it real. 01. Mos Def - My Life Is Real 02. Submorphics - Long Been Gone (Original Mix) 03. Dave Owen - Still Waters (Original Mix) 04. Nu:Tone - 'Til Dawn (Original Mix) 05. Saxon - Talking Jazz feat. Jon Scott, Wednesday Amelia (Original Mix) 06. BrokenDrum - Falling In Love (Original Mix) 07. Sade - No Ordinary Love (LSB Bootleg) 08. Pennygiles - Life Goes (Original Mix) 09. Bree - Glitter Balls (Original Mix) 10. Random Movement - Bandaids (Original Mix) 11. DJ Clart - Wonderland Avenue (Original Mix) 12. Carter - The Bass Cycle (Original Mix) 13. dBridge - China Blue (Original Mix) 14. Rowpieces - Want You Need You (Original Mix) 15. Blade - Back from the Streets feat. Kyro (Original Mix) 16. Velocity - Jelly Break (Original Mix) 17. Paul SG - Stay Classy feat. T.R.A.C (Original Mix) 18. Atlantic Connection - Peace of Mind (Original Mix) 19. Mr Joseph - Real Talk (Original Mix) 20. Colossus - Under The Weather (Original Mix)
01 March 2016
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