Tracklist/Description: Hold on to your genitals, I've got something very special for you now. DJ Surplus is at the controls for our latest guest mix and as head of the wicked Soul Trader Records he know exactly how to select the best tunes. 90 minutes of pleasure is about to come your way Subscribe on iTunes - Follow Soul Trader Records Follow Ninja Ninja Tracklist Kasper - Suggestions (Fokuz Promo) Silence Groove - Care More (Soul Trader Dub) LSB - Here With Me VIP (Hospital) Dawn Wall - Spears (Integral) Silence Groove and HumaNature - Sparkling Orb (Fokuz Promo) Detail and Tiiu - Delusion (Eastcolors Remix) (Addictive Behaviour Promo) Saxxon - Blue Harbour (Command Strange Remix) (Soul Trader Promo) Document One - Run The Block (Technique) Random Movement - Meat Sauce (Fokuz Dub) Pennygiles - Wanderlust (Flight Pattern) Surplus and Subdivision - Alpha (Celsius Dub) McLeod - Stolen Kisses (Soul Trader) Fierce, Zero T and Nico - Profile (Quarantine) Anile Feat Hannah Eve - All This Time (CIA) Mefjus Feat Zoe Klinck - Talking (Ed Rush Remix) (Critical) Mefjus - Suicide Bassline VIP (Critical) Promenade - Belvedere (HLZ Remix) (Dub) BCee & Villem - Untitled (Soul Trader Dub) Hybrid Minds Feat Grimm - This Morning (Fokuz) Chris SU - Higher (FATE) BCee and Drifta - One To Blame Feat Hannah Eve (Soul Trader Dub) Allied - Centaurus A (Meth Lab Promo) Digital - Night Moves (Technique) Malaky and Satl - Her (Zero T Remix) (Soul Trader Dub) Paul T and Edward Oberon - Surrender (V Recordings) Random Movement - Future Fondler (Original Mix) (Flight Pattern) Silence Groove and HumaNature - People Don’t Care (Fokuz Promo) Drifta - Here With Me (Total Science Remix) (Soul Trader Dub) AudioSketch - Come For Me (Random Movement Remix) (Soul Trader Promo) FD - Get It Right Feat Soukie (Hospital) Velocity - Moonstones (Human Elements Promo) Villem and Mcleod Feat Riya - Dance With Me (Spearhead Dub) Silence Groove - Cheeky Growler (Soul Trader Dub) Rowpieces - V Like Vivacious (Liquid V) HumaNature, Surplus and Subdivision Feat Hannah Eve - Free (Dub) Facing Jinx - Lover (Fokuz Promo) Saxxon - Power (Dub) Command Strange - Set Me Fee (Liquid V Promo) Submorphics - Maybe It’s Time Feat Adrienne Richards (Hospital Promo)
22 March 2016
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