Tracklist/Description: Recorded live on Different Drumz featuring tracks from Calibre, Wyman, InnaSelf, Pixel, Marcus Intalex, Soultec and Furney. Big up all producers featured!!! @sngrecs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track List: 1)Here Again - Pixel 2)Visions of a Dream - InnaSelf (Dub) 3)Hangin About - Pixel 4)Freedom - Azhot 5)Back Up - Blade 6)Make You Dance - J:logic 7)Smallman - Azhot 8)Eternity - Marvel Cinema & Dan Guidance 9)? - InnaSelf (Smooth N Groove Dub) 10)Goo Goo - Philbee 11)The Presence - InnaSelf (Dub) 12)Wild n Wonderful - Payback & A.K.A (Smooth N Groove Dub) 13)Imperfections - Lurch 14)This Time - Payback & Soul Connection 15)Manhattan Skyline - Soultec 16)Mystic Intervals - Scott Allen, Aquasion & Noble Sense 17)Don't Look Back - Scott Allen 18)The Dreamer Within - Soultec 19)Be Around - The Invaderz 20)Johnny Promise - Jrumhand (PFM Remix) 21)Blues Lick - Soultec 22)Bumblebee - Blade 23)Directions - Furney (Smooth N Groove Dub) 24)Leiden Memoires - Furney (Smooth N Groove Dub) 25)Velvet Crush - Wyman (Smooth N Groove Dub) 26)The Jrag - Jrumhand (Payback Remix) (Smooth N Groove Dub) 27)How You Feel - Furney (Smooth N Groove Dub) 28)Stingray - Marcus Intalex 29)Voyager - Calibre 30)The Trot - Calibre 31)Archive - Calibre 32)Count to Ten - DRS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------