Tracklist/Description: All Out Gooves Show. August 2016 Solotek - ALB - Solotek- Playlist 1.Rolfey - The Elevator Bootlegg ( Free Dl On Smooth N Groove Records 2.MSDOS - La Botique (DNBB Recordings) 3. Sound Cycles - Yesterday 4.ALB and Subdivision - Origins (Silence Groove Remix) (Soul Trader Records) 5.Break - Emeralds 6.ALB & Subdivision - Origins (Lately EP (Soul Trader Records) 7.INNASELF_VISIONS.OF.A.DREAM (Smooth N Groove Records) 8.A.K.A - FREEBIRD - DONT LET GO (Smooth N Groove Records) 9.Wyman - Velvet Crush (Smooth N Groove Records) ALB GUEST MIX (PLAYLIST COMING SOON) Solotek- Mix 2 Playlist 1.Dave Owen - More Than You Know 2.Hungry T - From Toronto With Love 3.ALB and Subdivision - Lately (Soul Trader Records) 4.Technimatic - Parallel ft. Zara K 5.Furney - Time Again (Smooth N Groove Records) 6.Rolfey - All Night (Out Now Soul Deep)
29 September 2016
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