Tracklist/Description: And we're back, welcome to episode 294 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!! BIG UP to L-side for his mix for episode 293!! Since we've enjoyed the Brazilian DNB sound so much, we stay in Brazil for this episode of the podcast with a mix from Andrezz!! This mix is one of the most varied mixes we've received. There are deep rollers, steppers, swing step tracks, classics, neuro tunes, and some liquid funk!! Massive, massive mix!! I became an instant fan of Andrezz's when I heard his track Senzla, such a good tune, so make sure you get it and other great releases from Andrezz! Let's meet our selectah from the mighty country of Brazil, Andrezz: DJ Andrezz lives in São Paulo, where he grew up influenced by Soul Music, Hip Hop & MPB. He met electronic music and the world of DJ'ing when he was 12 years old through radio and friends who held parties in their city's. In his adolescence he had already played frequently in small events, bars, and clubs. In 2004 Andrezz started his career professionally and had his first residency at a party called Liquid and another by the name of 8 ball! From there, he went on to play at great nights, such as Marky & Friends, Movement, and the clubs L.o.v.e, Broadway, Clash and two of the largest electronic music festivals in Brazil, Tomorrow Land and the Spirit Of London, sharing the line with Makoto, The Invaderz, Commix, and SPY etc. Andrezz has performed internationally in Argentina at the Revolt party and +160 Bad Boy Orange. He performed in Chile at the Rewind party and DJ The Ego. He performed a Soul Music, Hip Hop and Latin set in England. Andrezz started producing his own music, signing releases on the legendary V Recordings, Good Looking Records and Innerground. His tracks now receive support from big DJs like Bryan Gee, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Grooverider and international radio stations like BBC Radio 1, Ministry Of Sound and others. Currently Andrezz has his own Party called JOY and remains a resident at Blackminds alongside L-Side & DJ Chap. For more music from Andrezz, please click the links below: Enjoy the sounds of Andrezz!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!! Track listing: 01. Heist - In Pursuit 02. Total Science - Respect Duo 03. Ed:it - Long Time 04. L-Side Feat. Ragga Twins - Riddim Dancer (VIP Mix) 05. Alibi - Hornet (VIP Mix) 06. BassBrothers - WTF 07. Jam Thieves - Gun Machine 08. DJ Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees With Roni Size & Krust - Hop Scotch 09. Murdock - Original 10. Fractale - Wall 11. Breakage - Kill Dem 12. Shimon and Andy C - Nightflight 13. SpectraSoul - 4Urgh 14. Frank - Snarl 15. Krust & Die - What Is Kamanchi? 16. Adam F - Circles Circles (Velocity Remix) With Roni Size & Represent - Trust Me 17. Random Movement - Goblin Jazz Banquet 18. Drumagick - Five Steps (Drumagick Edit) 19. Stunna - Frozen Lake 20. Utah Jazz & Soulmatic - Untitled 21. Calibre & DJ Marky - Amen Tune 22. Vice Versa - Moving On 23. L-Side & Andrezz - Insanity 24. DJ Marky & L-Side - Soft Machine 25. L-Side - Mistadabolina (VIP Mix) 26. Samuel Riiser & Jenna G - Red Velvet (Rowpieces Remix)
29 September 2016
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