Tracklist/Description: Back for 2017 with a fresh batch of tunes. Villem and Phase - In Search Of (Horizions Promo) Phil Tangent - Crestfallen (Horizons Promo) Subdivision and Precision - Minimal Clap (Dub) GLXY - Astoria (Limitless) HLZ - From a Distance (Dreamers) Villem and Mcleod Feat Fats - Perfect Solution (Spearhead Promo) Roy Green and Protone - The Healer (Spearhead Promo) Ill Truth and Michael ET - Hollow Game (Soul Trader Dub) Hannah Eve and Phil Tangent - My Heart Knows (Zero T Remix)(ST Dub) Kasper and Soul Motion - Cut Loose (Fokuz Dub) Kaspar - Misery Loves Company (Fokuz Dub) Satl and Harland - Alone (Soul Trader Promo) Ill Truth - Light Break (Soul Trader Dub) Subdivision and Precision - You and I (Soul Trader Dub) Mindmapper - Suppressor (Need for Mirrors Remix) (Dub) Dave Owen - Little Impulse (Soul Trader Dub) Amoss - Yuzu (Horizons) HLZ - Whales (Flexout) Need For Mirrors - Tanlines (Horizons) Hannah Eve and HLZ - Untitled (Soul Trader Dub) Phil Tangent and Need for Mirrors - Shifting Tones (CIA Promo)
17 February 2017
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