Tracklist/Description: After the chapter of Guanabana, finding inspiration wasn't easy... But getting great support from my twin Sam, it reminded me of early this year when we were celebrating our birthday in Bali, Indonesia. We went to zoo and safari and saw some of the most remarkable animals on this earth. As I was preparing to take photos of this white tiger, we made eye contact that felt like it lasted a life time. As it was feeding time, it's partner in crime drew closer to have a drink. I thank got to share the same birthday with Sam, and also how lucky I was to be standing so close to this white tiger, with only a glass window separating us. Later that night, I made this Mixtape Artwork.. Stanza - From Birmingham With Love (Original Mix) Random Movement - Alone This Way (No Need to Stay) (Original 12" Mix) Madcap - Real Love (Original Mix) Will Miles - Healing (Original Mix) Cosmology - The Vault (Original Mix) Terminus - 5 Blocks Down (Original Mix Go out and find these Drum & Bass Masters that made me make this Mixtape.
27 March 2017
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