Tracklist/Description: Smooth N Groove Records - Episode 08 Recorded Live - Different Drumz Radio Host - CHRISTAL Tune in - - Every Sunday - 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT) Shouts to all producers featured and everyone that locked in the chatroom!!! @sngrecs @3536 If you have a sound that you think would suit the label, or would like to feature in future podcasts please send all demos to Smooth N Groove Records including your contact details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track List: 1)Les Los eros - Furney (Dub) 2)Foglets - Wyman (Smooth N Groove) 3)What Has Passed - Blade (Telluric) 4)Left Behind - Furney (Dub) 5)The Almighty - Scott Allen (Soul Deep Dub) 6)Dangerous - A.K.A (Smooth N Groove) 7)Free - Blade & Soultec (Soundtrax) 8)Past Tense - Furney (Dub) 9)Less Is More - Blade & Soultec (Soundtrax) 10)Spellbound - Soul Connection (Smooth N Groove) 11)Pizza & Fairytales - Jrumhand (Soul Deep) 12)Way Back - Furney (Dub) 13)Who Would We Be - Jrumhand (Soul Deep) 14)Swing In - Tidal (Textures) 15)The Secret Sleazy Jazz Button - Al Pack (Think Deep) 16)Roll The Funk - Al Pack & Phat Playaz (Soul Deep Dub) 17)Break My Heart - Furney (Dub) 18)Time - Soul Connection (Smooth N Groove) 19)Spooky Central - Furney (Smooth N Groove) 20)Killa Sound - Greekboy (Smooth N Groove) 21)Tonights The Night - Payback & Soul Connection (Smooth N Groove) 22)? - Blade (Telluric) 23)Jah Quero Down - Furney (Dub) 24)Won't Be Long - Payback & Soul Connection (Smooth N Groove) 25)Congo - Blade (One7Six) 26)Jazz Cat - Treex [Al Pack Remix] (Soul Deep) 27)Hold You - Furney (Dub) 28)Ideal Night - MsDoS (Smooth N Groove) 29)Vendanta - Wyman (Smooth N Groove) 30)Black Prints - Soul Connection (Dub) 31)On Me - Phat Playaz (Smooth N Groove) 32)Drowning Pain - Blade (Smooth N Groove) 33)Set You Off - Flaco (Influence Dub) 34)Starlight Night Drive - Furney (Dub) 35)Walkie Talkie - Lynx & Aaron Jay (Influence Dub) 36)Slamenco - Furney (Dub) 37)Unorthodox - A.K.A & Greekboy (Smooth N Groove) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
20 March 2017
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