Tracklist/Description: I mixed this set 2 days ago and was planning to upload it yesterday, however following the sad news that Marcus Intalex passed away, I spent most of the day listening to old Intalex tracks instead. It seems apt that one of my favorite tracks that he co produced with Calibre and ST Files was included on this (Mist:i:Cal - Believe feat Robert Owens), although there were many favorites that he either produced or co-produced, not to mention the sheer volume of great tracks that he released on his label, Soul:r. I hope you enjoy. RIP Mr Intalex. 1hr 26min : 320kbps Tracklisting: Step Forward (Ft. Robert Owens) - Icicle (SHOGUN) Crestfallen - Phil Tangent (CIA) Glass Eyes - Nymfo (PRESTIGE) Stratospheres (feat. T.R.A.C) - Submorphics (SGN:LTD) The Volks - Foreign Concept (SHOGUN) Peace - Oshirijima (HOSPITAL) Seductress - GLXY (HOSPITAL) Calibre - Movin' (SIGNATURE) Second Chance - SpectraSoul (ISH CHAT) Corners - Naibu (HORIZONS) Augmented - Karma & Forren (SHOGUN) What You Don't Know (Total Science Remix) - A Sides, Regina & MC Fats (U UNDERSTAND ME) Super Soul (Random Movement Remix) - Rowpieces (FOKUZ) Serious - FD (SUN & BASS) Baby Grey - Ivy Lab (CRITICAL) Perfect Solution (feat. MC Fats) - Villem & Mcleod (SPEARHEAD) Laterality - Andy Skopes (INPERSPECTIVE) Synergy - Alix Perez & SpectraSoul (1985 X ISH CHAT) Reunion - Artificial Intelligence (INTEGRAL) Should Have Known - Phaction (CIA) Levitate - Altitude (WARM COMMUNICATIONS) I Remember (feat. James Sunderland) Ulterior Motive (SHOGUN) 2319 - SPKTRM (PROJECT 51) Affliction (Alternative Mix) - Foreign Concept feat. Riya (MUSIC FOR ALEPPO CHARITY) Believe (feat. Robert Owens) - Mist:i:cal (SOUL:R) Say Your Words - Concord Dawn (METALHEADZ)
01 June 2017
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