Tracklist/Description: Dedicated to Marcus Kaye A.K.A. Marcus Intalex. Forever in your debt. Thank you for believing in me and my music. Bop - Space To Breathe (Nuage Remix)(Microfunk) Phil Tangent - Mandala (Lunar Records) Mist:I:Cal - Amen Electric (Soul:R) Marcus Intalex - Play On Me (Soul:R) Satl, Malaky, Steo ft. Harland - A Minute After Always (Integral Records) Seba, Jr Vallo - Rotate (Spearhead) Artificial Intelligence - Sicario (Metalheadz) Philth Tangent M.I.S.T. - Lover (Soul:R) Marcus Intalex - Temperance (Soul:R) Marcus Intalex - Zumbar (Soul:R) Marcus Intalex - Airborne Marcus Intalex - Skizm (Soul:R) Marcus Intalex - Jam Hot (Soul:R) Phil Tangent - Electric Touch (Lunar Records) Satl - Lovin' You (Integral Records) DRS, LSB - Angels Fall (#4marcus)
19 June 2017
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