Tracklist/Description: Mix done in mid August 2017, featuring mostly Soul Deep songs. There are 3 songs from other labels, and the rest are forthcoming Soul Deep dubs. Enjoy!! TRACKLIST: Scott Allen - Soul Savior Mix - August 2017 Contrast - Letting Go (Soul Deep Dub) Artificial Intelligence - Holding Out (Integral) Elliot Moss - Slip (Spectrasoul Bootleg) Furney - Third Form (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Sunsets (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Feel the Way the Wind Blows (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Not Far Now (Soul Deep Dub) Madcap - Pablo (Soul Deep Dub) Distant Roots & PolarLights - Prince All (Soul Deep Dub) Against - Yellow King (Soul Deep Dub) Zere & Gabriel Habit - Long Time (Soul Deep Dub) Madcap - Cry Dub (Soul Deep Dub) Distant Roots & PolarLights - No Good (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Way Back (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Dorothy Remembers (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Masnou (Soul Deep Sub) Furney - I’m Known as Danni Around These Parts (Soul Deep Dub) Furney - Jamaican Jazz (Soul Deep Dub) Paul SG - & Danny Wheeler - Start a Fire (Dub)
30 August 2017
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