Tracklist/Description: I put together a Summer Mix featuring many forthcoming Soul Deep Dubs and a few songs from other record labels. Soul Deep artists with songs featured in the mix include: Furney, Paul SG, Simplification & Translate, Euphorics, Treex, Orion, Sakeshi Katana, Oska, Qumulus, Twintone, Walk:r & TEE-J, Jrumhand & Poschek, and Cnof. Onetimeforyamind! TRACKLIST: Orion – Love Hurts (Soul Deep Dub) Mohican Sun – Untold (Integral) Critical Event – Holding On To You (Silence Groove Rmx)(Atmomatix) Sakeshi Katana – Marianna VIP (Soul Deep Dub) Furney – Lonely Mistakes (Soul Deep Dub) Treex – Le Spleen (Soul Deep Dub) Simplification & Translate – Something Good (Soul Deep Dub) Furney & Lady Emz – Every One of Us (Soul Deep Dub) Furney – Love Me (Soul Deep Dub) Furney – Long Distance Relative (Soul Deep Dub) Paul SG – Ways (Soul Deep Dub) Paul SG – Never Care (Soul Deep Dub) Euphorics – To You (Soul Deep Dub) Furney – Life Used to Be (Soul Deep Dub) Oska – Trust (Soul Deep Dub) Twintone – The Key Within (Soul Deep Dub) Satl & Electrosoul System – Satless (Absys Records) Furney – Been In Love (Soul Deep Dub) Qumulus – Soljah of Fortune (Soul Deep Dub) Jrumhand & Poschek – My Town (Soul Deep Dub) Simplification & Translate – Summer Vibe (Soul Deep Dub) Cnof – The Way You Do (Soul Deep Dub) Jrumhand & Poschek – Equatorial Drift (Soul Deep Dub) Qumulus – Forever (Soul Deep Dub) Walk:r & TEE-J – Something ‘Bout U (Soul Deep Dub)
17 August 2017
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