Tracklist/Description: And we are backkkkk! 2018 is shaping up nicely over here at Everyday Junglist, excited for this year to come, let's get to it! Welcome to episode 318 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast! Thank you emplate for your mix that we featured for episode 317! Episode 318 comes to us from Double O, Co-Boss of Rupture London with the mighty DJ Mantra!! Rupture London is one of my favorite labels and I highly encourage all of you pick up the tunes on this label to add to your respective repertoires! I am not just a fan of Double's O's label, I am a big fan of his music, with a few of my favorites from him being, Blackula, Brothers Darkness, and Cutlass Style! Double O's mix starts out melodic and soulful, then switches up into some sharp and deadly amen bizness. The mix then sways back and forth between soulful chopped up break infused tunes, amens, and rollers, creating an eclectic masterpiece for your ears to feast upon! Sorry trainspotting crew, I won't be supplying a track list for this one, there are some exclusive gems in the mix that cannot be revealed to all of you out there just yet. Let's meet our badmon, rude bwoy, selectah, Double O: Double O formally 007 was brought up on lots of different forms of music growing up as a child. Reggae, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove , Calypso. Then later on Electro, hip Hop, Detroit Techno Hardcore and Jungle etc. He started making music in the late 80's inspired by his older Brother who had his own Reggae sound system. This inspired him to want to take his music and Djing further, Double O started Djing professionally in the early 90's at the Doncaster warehouse and various clubs up North. Double O also met Dj SS where he made and put out one of his biggest and most well known productions called the Undercover Agent EP on Formation Records. He eventually Set up Rupture with Dj Mantra.(A night dedicated to quality drum n bass music and oldskool) Due to the beauty of Music it has enabled him to travel around the globe playing to and meeting like minded musical people. Double O primarily known as a Drum n Bass Dj makes and collects many different forms of music from Hip Hop to Techno old reggae and Rare Groove. "I just like good music " Says Dubz (as his friends know him as). Also now with the Highly talented Dj Mantra they have set up Rupture London ( A label dedicated to good quality electronic music. For more music from Double O and Rupture, please click the links below: Enjoy the sounds of Double O!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!
24 January 2018
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