Tracklist/Description: It's been 7 years since I recorded the last Of The Moment mix (oops). This particular one ties in with my forthcoming releases on Smooth N Groove and Soul Deep. Expect a few exclusive and forthcoming bits from myself and CPH, plus other Drum and Bass gems I'm feeling at the moment! Enjoy :) Forthcoming Shameless Plugs: Jay Dubz - Voyager EP - out 20th Jan 2018 on Smooth N Groove Records ( Jay Dubz - The Beginning EP - out 5th Feb 2018 on Soul Deep Recordings Tracklisting: Jay Dubz - The Beginning (forthcoming Soul Deep) CPH - I Told You (Dub) Phil Tangent - All I Want To Do (Integral) GLXY - Lucid (Shogun) Furney - Total Sadness (Liquid V) Viewer - There’s Music Between Us (Liquid Drops) Jay Dubz - Secret Rooms (forthcoming Smooth N Groove) Jay Dubz - Voyager (forthcoming Smooth N Groove) CPH - Untitled (forthcoming Lunar) Jay Dubz - When I (Dub) Spectrasoul - From The Jaws (Ish Chat) Phat Playaz - Look Away (forthcoming Smooth N Groove) Madcap - Joy (Smooth N Groove) Jay Dubz - Foregone (forthcoming Soul Deep) CPH - Hesitate (forthcoming Lunar) Phil Tangent - Affinity (Ram) Marcus Intalex and Spirit - Untitled MCR (Inneractive) Total Science - What I Need (CIA) Jay Dubz - Mankind (forthcoming Soul Deep) Jay Dubz - Lucid Reality (Dub) Paradox and Nucleus - What I Feel (Metalheadz)
18 January 2018
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