Tracklist/Description: As far as drum & bass goes, no label has a more distinct sound than Spearhead. BCee (aka Steve Jefroy) signed his first release for the imprint in 2005, carrying the flame for an emotionally-rich style of DNB that labels like C.I.A, Soul:r and Signature had started. For the last 14 years Jefroy has shaped the sound of the label, releasing 4 full-length LPs amongst signings including S.P.Y, Seba and Alix Perez. Jefroy also manages Future Retro, Spearhead’s recently-revived sublabel and home of last month’s excellent 'Treats EP'. Ahead of Spearhead’s next Room Two takeover next weekend, Jefroy sent us an hour-long mix in anticipation of their return. As he told us in our accompanying interview, there are few tags that fit his music perfectly, but we will say his mix rolls through a wholly musical and heartfelt side of the genre. BCee plays RM2 on 16/03:
12 March 2018
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