Tracklist/Description: STUNNA steps up to the plate and delivers his installment for mSdoS' LIQUID DROPS RECORDINGS Podcast series. Featuring all music from the label, past and present, sit back and enjoy an hour's worth of Liquid Funk Drum+Bass goodness. STUNNA Mix For LIQUID DROPS PODCAST #3 01. THE TWO OF US (DAN GUIDANCE) 02. CRIMSON (USKA + MARVEL CINEMA) 03. FARAWAY (SOLAR CUBE) 04. LNR (STUNNA) 05. NONCHALANT (JOZ MOZ) 06. STEP IN (nCAMARGO) 07. MONTJUIC (FLY) 08. LONELY TIMES (mSdoS): DUOSCIENCE REMIX 09. FEEL THE VIBE (LO KONTAKT) 10. SCIFM (CHANGER) 11. LOST LOVE (FURNEY) 12. SOLO (XTC NOTTINGHAM) 13. THERE'S MUSIC BETWEEN US (VIEWER) 14. THE SOUNDS (GREEKBOY) 15. FREE YOUR MIND (DAN GUIDANCE) 16. CHORDS (mSdoS + dBase) 17. DUB WAR (mSdoS + GREEKBOY) 18. MEDITERRANEAN FALL (GREEKBOY)
17 May 2018
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