Tracklist/Description: Thanks to all who locked in! Here is the show that went out on on 15th July 2018. **About the On:ward Podcast**: It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally back doing what I love the most… radio. Well, sort of. Presenting a brand new monthly podcast called the On:ward Podcast. Along with myself cornering all that is good in Drum and Bass, expect to hear an exclusive guest mix in the podcast from some of the scene’s well known artists/producers and names , but also up and comers, newbies and people who should generally be heard! Basically if it’s worth getting your ears round, expect it here. You will be able to hear my beautiful Black Country crossed with Shropshire tones on Different Drumz on the third Sunday of every month from 2100 - 2300 BST/GMT, and the series will also be uploaded onto my Soundcloud to rinse in your car or your Nana's 80th. **Tracklist**: Furney feat. Lady Emz - Jazz Introductions MsDos - Ethiopian Silence Groove - Signal Waves Calibre - The Dep LSB - Moonshine Alexvander - Should I Confess Lurch - Head Over Heels Calibre feat. Marcus Intalex - Bluesday Jubei and Marcus Intalex - Fanny’s Ya Aunt CPH and Jay Dubz - Distant Cycles Alibi - Morning Glory Phil:osophy - Chronos Calibre - Funny Games GLXY - Lucid Seba - Hide The Tears Jay Dubz - Desolate Heart Jay Dubz - Two Minutes to Midnight CPH and Jay Dubz - Inner Meanings Jay Dubz - Untitled CPH - Hesitate CPH and Jay Dubz - Shadow of the Past Blueprint and Jay Dubz - Crown Jewels CPH and Jay Dubz - Solitary Motion Calibre - No One Gets You Phil Tangent - All I Want To Do Tokyo Prose - Innate Motion Calibre feat. DRS - Sunrise GLXY feat. Blake - Mind Less Goldie - Sensual
06 August 2018
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