Tracklist/Description: Next up in the series of promo mixes for the forthcoming Soul Deep VS Smooth N Groove event is the funky and dynamic sounds of Phase 2. London based Drum & Bass producer Phase 2, is well known for making wicked tracks that are essential for any collection. His music has been released on some of the most popular labels out there, including Soul Deep, Focus, Intrigue, Liquid V, Jazzsticks, and many more. His music has been supported by many of the biggest name in the D&B scene, including LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Bailey, Bryan Gee, Random Movement, Dave Owen, Nu:Tone, Scott Allen and many more. If you like the funky, jazzy, energetic sound, then you’re going to love Phase 2’s set. TICKETS: EVENT INFO: DJ's on the night: Paul SG (Jazzsticks, Liquid V, Soul Deep, Good Looking) Madcap (Creative Wax, Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Fokuz) Scott Allen (Soul Deep, Fokuz, Jazzsticks, Good Looking) Phase 2 (Soul Deep, Fokuz, Jazzsticks, Intrigue, Liquid V) Soul Connection (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Inform) Conspire (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Technique, Skeleton) Payback (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Sheer Velocity) A.K.A (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove) soulTec (Smooth N Groove, Sheer Velocity, Soul Deep, Good Looking, Fokuz) Al Pack (Soul Deep, Jazzsticks, Celsius, Think Deep) Emcees: MC PM Five Alive Redeye
08 August 2018
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