Tracklist/Description: In steps Icelandic born Felix; @FelixLeifur for just under an hour of inspired left-field dance floor wonderment. You may know, Felix for his unmistakably jazz injected yet eerie production style which has been previously picked up and offered up by household outlets such as Icelandic counterparts Lagaffe Tales, Fritz Wenktink's Bobby Donny and of course, Dirt Crew. In fact, he'll be making his return to @Dirt-Crew very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a premiere hosted by us next week. As much as we love Felix and his mixtape for us, we have to mention that never has the FH mix machine been left in such a state. Every nook, cranny, corner, nob and button was absolutely coated in a thick layer of dust! Poor Simon (FH Head of facilities)worked tirelessly into the night restoring it to a usable condition. In our morning team meeting, we could only deduce that this was a direct result of his dusty jazz infused production style, which was well and truly emanated through this mixtape. Expect 55 mins of broken beats, silkily woven together by eerie etherial sonic threads. We love you Felix - you can dust up our mix machine any time (sorry Simon). Pre order Felix's next offering on Dirt Crew here -
19 October 2018
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