Tracklist/Description: Art Of Tones is a French artist whose style has been a feature of labels including Robsoul, 20/20 Vision, Lazy Days Music, and Defected. Along with the above list of labels he has also been a regular feature of the Local Talk imprint which recently dropped his debut album titled “Unbalanced” that you can purchase using the below link… For those not already familiar with Art Of Tones, he is heavily influenced by disco along with other associated genres such as funk and soul, and his tracks are often built around dusty samples taken from long forgotten old records. His new album focuses heavily on this sampled style and even opens with a tongue and cheek speech about copyright infringement linked to the sampling of other records. Based on the theme of sampling, he has done us mixtape, which is built up of tracks sampled in other forms of music, or tracks known to have been built around loops taken from other records. It’s an eclectic mix of funk, afro jazz and disco with an uplifting vibe that we hope you all enjoy. Track List: 01. David Axelrod - 1000 Reds 02. Hummingbird - Cant Hide Love 03. Gil Scott Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Live) 04. Roy Ayers - Brother Green, The Disco King 05. The Winners - Get Ready For The Future 06. Vernon Burch - Sammy Janne 07. The Reese Project - Direct Me (Joey Negro Mix) 08. Sole Fusion - We Can Make It (Underground Network Mix) 09. Willie Hutch - Cold Love (Art Of Tones Rework) 10. Fela - Opposite People (Bosq Rework) 11. Blay Ambolley - Simigwa Do
28 January 2019
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