Tracklist/Description: Remember the good old days when we could roam the outdoors and splutter in public without getting floored? Me too. So for therapy and to pass the time, I’ve decided to do a little mix series called Rough N Ready. The concept is simple… 60 minutes or so digging through my record collection and blasting out whatever the fuck I feel like playing without overthinking it all, exactly how I used to do it back when I first started DJing. It could be liquid, jump up, oldskool, whatever. No edits, no planning, just once or twice a week get on the decks, record what I come up with and of course, keep it Rough N Ready. Vol 1 is on an energetic, head-nodding vibe. I enjoyed blasting this out - if you enjoy listening too, winner. Vol 2 soon come :) Tracklist: Total Science - Flip Flop [Hospital 2002] Carlito and Addiction - Perfect Combination [Defunked 2001] Commix - Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) [Shogun Audio 2007] Roni Size - Out Of The Game [Mercury 2000] Keaton and Hive - Bring It On [Violence 2004] Origin Unknown - Equinox [RAM 2001] Digital and Spirit - Phantom Force [Phantom Audio 1999] Marcus Intalex - Temperance [Soul:R 2004] John B - Up All Night (Epic Mix) [Metalheadz 2002] Q Project - Living With Beaker [Hospital 2004] Hive - Last Call VIP [True Playaz 2005] Potential Badboy - Submission [Jekyll & Hyde 2005] Zinc - Casino Royale (Remix) [True Playaz 2002]
20 March 2020
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