Tracklist/Description: When I mentioned to people that I wanted to do a tribute mix to Deep Sensation, I got a few quizzical looks. As I as slowly started naming a few tracks, there was a certain sense of recognition. “Oh yeah…I think I have a few of their records of theirs…but did they release enough for a full mix?”. There are no secrets why the Scottish production team consisting of Paul Hunter and Colin Gate remains so anonymous. There are no real information online and no press available. No bio, no fancy press photo. The most I was able to find was a text put together by a promoter on a flyer in New Zealand in the 90s. We know that Paul was a Hip Hop guy and Colin an ex-Northern Soul DJ and that they came together through a mutual deep admiration for funk, soul & disco. - Fred Everything ** For full text and tracklist ---->
25 March 2020
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