Tracklist/Description: Another month another Sven in the mix. It's July and the sun is bringing us some proper days and cold drinks. So it's the perfect timing to upload Moodyzwen's mix. He arranged a splendid selection of tracks that range from proper deep house to house classics, some dope vocal house and of course some gems we don't know by now. It's just bringing the summer vibes that make us feel good. It's exactly what we expected from the Essen-born DJ that is a key source for our crate-digging for years now thanks to his The Tribute Mix Show. We really love the outcome and want to say thank you big time Sven. So, boys and girls, grab a drink and enjoy the sun while playing this one. Your, OP. <3 Moodyzwen: The Tribute Mix Show:
09 July 2020
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