Tracklist/Description: New mix for February, went digging for some liquid jams and added a new one of my own for good measure! Enjoy! DJ Origin - Breaking Heartz (Phuzion) BCEE - Hollow Eyes (Spearhead) soulTec - Your Own Style (Soul Deep) Tryangle - The Tree (Jazzsticks Recordings) The Invaderz- Limelight (INV) Pulsaar - Desert - (Jazzsticks Recordings) Atlantic Connection - Night & Day (feat. Steo) (The North Quarter) Paul SG & Carter - Jazz Cigarette (VIP) (Jazzsticks Recordings) Joakuim & Lurch - Lifespan (Intrigue) SKC & Bratwa - Prophecy (Soul:R) soulTec - Stronger (Unsigned) Paul SG & SoulTec - Wishfull Thinking (Shogun) Rollin' Over (Calibre Dub Mix) Pola & Bryson - Call Of The Night (Silence Groove remix)(Soulvent) Command Strange - TKO (Liquid V) NC-17 & Des McMahon - Dubminded (Technique Recordings) Redeyes & Lenzman - High & Low (ntegral) Furney - What You Do To Me (Soul Deep Dub) Flowrian - Don't Care (soulTec VIP) (Blu Saphir) Subsid & Scott Allen - Days of Dub (Soul Deep) soulTec - A Need in Me (goodlooking Records) Tactile - Caravan (Dispatch Recordings)
09 March 2021
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