Tracklist/Description: Vol.34 PUZZLED Radio Guest Artist πŸ‘‰ @Funky_Foot Our next guest is the British DJ Funky Foot. Real name - Tot Howard, we came across Tot’s mixes online and loved the vibes coming through so had to ask here to appear on the series. A serious House music lover, Funky Foot delivers a perfect balance of old and new, deep and soulful infused with Broken Beat & Afro-tinged rhythms. Day-to-day Funky Foot is the Resident DJ for Abstractions Music Podcast and host of the Femme Fatale Session on Furthermore, she is the host of 'The Funky Foot Sessions' show which airs 7.00 PM-9.00 PM GMT every Friday on Gold Dust Radio - or via TuneIn. Today, Funky Foot steps up to the PUZZLED Radio throne with an exclusive 1-hour set through dreamy, floaty and super smooth shades of Deep House Music. 🧩 GUEST ARTIST πŸ‘‰ @Funky_Foot 🧩 COME TO OUR NEXT PARTIES πŸ‘‰  🧩 VINYL RECORD LABEL πŸ‘‰  🧩 DIGITAL RECORD LABEL πŸ‘‰  🧩 BOOK THE ARTISTS πŸ‘‰  🧩 THE 360 AGENCY πŸ‘‰  🧩 BEN SPALDING πŸ‘‰
15 August 2022
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