Grooverider with Culture Shock and DJ Die @ BBC Radio One (16-Nov-2008)


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"It's Rider Radio, looking and sounding real big with the craziest basslines you'll hear all week!"

Grooverider in the mix!

State Of Mind – ‘Ten Division’ (White)
Eveson – ‘Hotwax’ (White)
Mutated Forms – Pesimist’ (White)
DJ Vapour – ‘New World Outlaw’ (White)
Taxman – ‘I Dreamt Music’ (White)
Heist – ‘Heat Sheild’ (Propaganda)

The Radio 1 & 1xtra D&B Chart!
Chase & Status – ‘Streetlife’ (Ram)

Clipz – ‘Give It To Me’ (Audio Zoo)
Zen – ‘Scenario 69’ (White)
Culture Shock & Brookes Bros – ‘Rework’ (Ram)

Culture Shock in the studio and in the mix!
Culture Shock feat Furlonge – ‘Untitled’ (Ram Dub)
Sub Focus – ‘Druggy’ (Ram)
Noisia – ‘Crook’ (White)
Bungle – ‘Be Like This’ (White)
Culture Shock – ‘Untitled’ (White)

Dan Miracle – ‘Dominos’ (White)

Fabio & Groove's rewind tracks!
Fabio: Heist ‘40hz’ (White)
Grooverider: Cabi – ‘Waiting For’ (White)

Calibre – ‘Can’t Get Over You’ (Soul:r)

DJ Die in the studio and in the mix!
Die & Break - 'Comin From The Top (VIP)' (Clear Skyz)
Die & Interface - 'Getting There (VIP)' (Clear Skyz)
Die - 'Flashpoint' (Clear Skyz)
Die - 'Clear Skyz (Break Mix)' (Clear Skyz)
Break - 'Out Of Nowhere' (White)
Kilo - 'Let It Flow' (Audio Zoo)

Twisted Individual - 'Red Snapper' (Grid)
18 November 2008