Bassive - Podcast No. 5 - Lost in this world (13-Jun-2009)

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1.Smote & Gabanna - Slowly Down [Midnight Sun Recordings]
2.Champagne - Whatcha Gonna Do [FF Records]
3.Kjell - Wind Tunnel [Influence]
4.Seba - Dont Wanna Lose You [Combination Records]
5.Krone - Puppeteers Carnival feat. Moce [Melting Pot Records]
6.Solar Empire - Inside [Covert Operations]
7.Majestics - Blackly (feat. Singlep) [Liquid Brilliants]
8.Incident - Want Me For Real [Sole Digital Recordings]
9.Contour - Flipside Funk [Phunkfiction Records]
10.Logistics - Through The Looking Glass [Hospital]
11.The Invaderz - The Source (Break Remix) [Invaderz Transmissions]
12.Artificial Intelligence - Crocodile Smile (V Recordings)
13. Alix Perez - Magnolias [Bassbin]
14. Survival - Even Now [Exit]
15. Donnie Dubson - 6 A.M. [Digital Colours]
16. Invisible Landscape - Funky Fresh [Golden Orb]
17.ASC & Mav - Sceptical [Covert Operations]
18.Netsky - Lost In This World [Talkin Beatz]