AMDJS Radio Show VOL137 (GUEST SESSION: Da Funk / Roberto Rodriguez) by AMDJS Radio Show

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In this week show we have two absolutely stunning guest mixes from two stellar artists.
Check the sound of Da Funk in the first hour where Daniel presents his "Slow Motion" mix.
Roberto Rodriguez presents his mix in the second hour. This mix was recorded specially
for House Of Disco podcast series, but we have the permission to host it in our show. Enjoy!
1st hour: Da Funk (slow motion mix)
01| Hakimonu - Hold Spellbound [Acryl Music]
02| Larse - Tonic [Conya]
03| Poussez - Discuits [Champion Standard]
04| House Of House - Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey remix) [White Label]
05| John Berg - Stabs [Room With A View]
06| Trickski - Wilderness (Genius Of Time remix) [Suol]
07| Larse & Fish - Mehari [Conya]
08| Replika - Gamma Ray [Aquamarine]
09| Submantra - Calinda (Matt Flores' room full of angels remix) [DCS Trax]
10| Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Nacho Marco remix) [New State Music]

2nd hour: Roberto Rodriguez (House Of Disco exclusive guest mix)
01| Move D – Computer Flop [Workshop]
02| Ron Basejam – Get Closer [Redux]
03| Joseph Terruel – Slave To The Rhythm [Bust A Dub]
04| Duff Disco – Slow [Duff Disco]
05| Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Gold Snake [The Exquisite Pain]
06| Andy Hart – Tell Her You Know [Melbourne Deepcast]
07| Marcus Marr – Pleasure Moon feat. Helena Hertfordshire [New Finger]
08| James Johnston - Give Me A Shock [Dikso]
09| Billy Bogus – Terror Island [Nang]
10| Patrick Alavi – Ace [Patrickalavicom]
11| La Royale – Riders On The Storm [Electrique]
12| Roberto Rodriguez – Venus [Eskimo]