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01. Edward, “Mingus” [Giegling]
02. Andrés, “You’re Still The One” [Moods & Grooves]
03. Anonym, “I Love You” [Sushitech]
04. Basil Hardhouse, “Make Me Dance (Hard For The DJ)” [white]
05. Paul Bennett, “The Last Dance For Galaxian” [Modernista]
06. Venedikt Reyf, “Keep Right On” [Rimini]
07. Kareem, “How Low Can You Go” (Oskar Offermann Remix)
[Platte International*]
08. Keith Worthy, “Now That’s House” (K-Dub’s History Of House Mix)
[Aesthetic Audio]
09. Lerosa, “Sketch Sad Mix” [Uzuri]
10. Norm Talley, “In Yo Soul” [Third Ear Recordings]
11. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts ft. Dave Aju, “On the Lips” (Extended Mix) [Circus Company]
12. Snow Patrol, “Open Your Eyes” (Playgroup Dub) [white*]
26 September 2011
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