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This mix is all about the Underdogs, all the guys, new and old, that never seem to get their fair share of the limelight. There are a lot of really great musicians in this position, so these are just a choice few that really hit the mark for me over the past few months. Big Ups to all the underdogs… remember their names; Someone big will be nabbing their music for major releases in the future!
Dave Owen – Less is More
Aquasion – City Life
Flowrian – Improvisation
Flaco – Bhogavati
Aquasion – Rainy Days
Beat 70 – Collective
Aquasion – Barsoul
Technicolour & Komatic – Just Play
Random Movement – Fate Room
DuoScience & MsDos – One Two One Two
Undersound – Stolen Pathways feat. Dav
Phil Source & Paul T – Razzyrova
Flowrian – Don’t Care
Dushi – Carefree
Sabre – 100 Teeth (D.Side remix)
C.A.B.L.E. – Xtracted Within
Blade & Aquastion – Lost in the Jungle
Schematic – Free Me
Komatic – Motivated Cognition
Muwookie – Blue Skies