1.Centrik – Puzzled [Soul Deep]
2.Paul SG – Can’t Explain [Telluric]
3.Brunno Junglist – The Time [Soul Rebel]
4.HumaNature & Severity Zero – Peculiar Love [All Street Dub]
5.Decon & Christian Werner – Too Many Wrongs [Dub]
6.Marte – Midnight Carnival [Soul Deep Dub]
7.Furney – Highway 101 [BRR]
8.Furney – True Believers [Dub]
9.MJT & Arp-1 – Souls in Motion [Soul Deep Dub]
10.George William Harrold – The Look in her Eyes [Soul Deep Dub]
11.Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea – Freedom [Dub]
12.Static & Scott Allen – Eastern Horizon [Celsius]
13.Kasper – Of the Shadows [Celsius Dub]
14.Intersoul – Breaking the Chains [Soul Deep Dub]