Free - AudioSketch (DUB)
Us - Brother (FOKUZ)
Affliction - Foreign Concept & Riya (CRITICAL)
Hydro & Instant - Sanctity (HORIZONS)
Glimpse - ASC & Synth Sense (VEIL)
View Catcher - Anile (ABSYS)
Bloom - Frederic Robinson & Stray (BMTM)
Sight Unseen - Scott Allen & Deeper Connection (CELSIUS)
All This Time (Feat. Hannah Eve) - Anile (CIA DEEP KUT)
The Warmth - Evasion (SCRIPTURE)
Shakur - Olski (SOUL DEEP)
The Way - Synkro (EXIT)
Memories - Actraiser (SOUL DEEP)
Decadence - Jrumhand (SOUL FLEX)
Autumn Leaves - MSDos & Malaky (SOUL DEEP)
Disclosure - Second Chance (Bachelor DnB Bootleg) - Disclosure (FREE)
Martyr (ft.Spectrasoul) (SoulFusion Autumn Breakdown Edit) - Break (SYMMETRY)
Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix) - Seba (WARM COMMUNICATIONS)
Time Feat. Iriann Joyce - Altitude (FOKUZ)
Keep Pushing Me - dRamatic (SGN:LTD)
See Your Face (Feat. Riya) - Total Science (SHOGUN)
Photograph - Instra:Mental (DARKESTRAL)
Sick Of It All - Calibre (SIGNATURE)