Tracklist/Description: Another guest mix for a radioshow, this time i was invited by my friend Soul Hunter to play at his show Drop Out, which he hosts on Radio Wave, part of the Czech state public radio broadcaster Cesky rozhlas. I've had a concept of this mix in my mind for some time already, as I wanted to do one, that would show a bit more of a genre and tempo variety and at the same time show my current taste in raw, spaced out house sound together with my proclaimed Detroit inclinations, which i'd like to fully present in my next mix within a couple of months. Besides that, there is a bit of a talk in czech during the second track and at the end, so bear with me for just those two moments.. ;) Unfortunately this recording comes in pretty low audio quality, due to it's streaming purpose in the archive of the radio. Nevertheless i hope you'll get the intended picture somehow and will enjoy the mix, feedback much appreciated! 01 Glenn Astro – Love Jones 02 Floating Points - Truly 03 Isoul8 feat. Kaidi Tatham – How I Feel (Kemetic Just Rmx) 04 Glenn Astro – Acid Tears 05 Orson Wells – Leaving 06 John Heckle – Emerald 66 07 Chicago Skyway – Bad Driver (Aroy Edit) 08 Steffi & Dexter – We’re Not Alone 09 James Priestley & Marco Antonio – Baia 2012 10 Claude Young – Impolite To Refuse (ICAN Remake) 11 Santiago Salazar – Varrio Clarkdale 12 Psyche - Elements