Tracklist/Description: Whilst Spim was away at Glastonbury 2016 the mighty Ji Ben Gong covered his show. Super smooth liquid vibes a plenty with a French tinge. This is our contribution to the world. We hope that it helps in some small way to make a positive difference to your life and those around you. Please help us to balance global polarity and share these shows with your friends and loved ones. We love you unconditionally as we love this music that has and is such a huge part of our lives. Download this show from Soundcloud, stream it from Mixcloud (track list available) or watch us doing our thing inside the Subfactory Love Lounge on Vimeo or Youtube. All the links are below. One love to you and thank you in advance for your much appreciated help. Spim x GROUP PAGE Watch: Watch: Website - Tweet: Follow: Like: Download: @dj-spim Stream: Shop: Buy: