Tracklist/Description: 1.I Wannabe - Helpless (Kos.Mos.Music) 2.Bop - So Unloved (Medschool) / (Microfunk) 3.Physical illusion - Brinell method (Intelligent) dub 4.Physical Illusion - A Guide to Exploitation Cosmic Ship (Intelligent) dub 5.Physical Illusion - A Guide to Exploring the Cosmos (Intelligent) dub 6.Radicall feat Satl - Silent Voices (Handra Remix) (Absys Records) 7.Invadhertz - Late Night Tales (Absys Records) 8.Alix Perez & Spectrasoul - So Close (1985) / (Ish Chat Music) 9.Alix Perez & Spectrasoul - Undone (feat. DRS) (1985) / (Ish Chat Music) 10.Need For Mirrors - Tempora (Horizons) 11.Enei - Mirrors (Critical) 12.Enei - Dark Water (feat. Charli Brix) (Critical) 13.Alix Perez & SpectraSoul - The Need (1985) / (Ish Chat Music) 14.Dub Head & Fat Tone - Tenderness (Dispatch) dub 15.Furney - Stay (Soul Deep Recordings) 16.Tickler - Riders (Scientific) "Who is Tickler???" 17.Invadhertz - Alone (Absys Records) 18.Dub Head - Black hole (Dispatch) 19.Dub Head - Spaceship (Dispatch) #intelligentrecordings #drumandbass #medschoolmusic #kosmosmusic #absysrecords #alixperez #spectrasoul #scientificrecords #dubhead #furney #dispatchrecordings #intelligent #bop #microfunk #1985music #IshChatMusic #DRS
15 May 2017
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