Tracklist/Description: Mukiyare - If I Had A Chance [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Mystific + Mayforms - So Nice [Create] Furney - Made To Love You [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Satl - Good To Me [Fokuz] Flaco - Type Of Way [Shogun] 2N - Seagull [Innerground] Calibre + Marcus Intalex - Run Away Feat Fox [Signature] Paul SG - Holy Moly [Shogun] Conrad Subs - Never Stop [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Eveson - Get Your Swerve On (VIP) [Channel 82] Soul Connection - Don’t Leave Me [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Calibre - Broken Wings Feat DRS [Signature] Furney - Une Femme De La Lissome [Sheer Velocity] Phase 2 - Hot [Flight Pattern] Subsid - So Hold On [Liquid V] Eveson - Still In Love [Channel 82] Furney + Locksmith - Dub A Dub [Sheer Velocity]
25 October 2017
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