Tracklist/Description: Perception Podcast is back with Bournmouths very own M-Ocean.... Photo credit: M-Ocean Tracklist 1/ Al Pack-Summertime Flava 2/Conspire-Codes 3/Wyman-Farsight 4/Paul SG-That Moment 5/Furney-Elmalougalou 6/Silence Groove-Bratislava 7/Conspire-Serenity 8/Seba and Jr Vallo-Corners 9/Deeper Connection-Take A Stand 10/Dave Owen-Soul Mates 11/Zero T-1000 Miles 12/ Bert H-Bring Away 13/Madcap-Deep Deeper 14/Conspire-Mechanism Follow M-Ocean on Soundcloud here
12 October 2017
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