Tracklist/Description: Spring is here and we continue our uplifting output with Ohrenschmaus Podcast #066 by Wiska from Curitiba, Brazil. Those bright and warm days have been a real treat to our spiritual and physical well-being. The soundtrack for those days definitely came from Wiska aka William Machado who got in touch with us back in 2018 when cloudy skies dominated and turned everything into a grey and sad veneer. Since his mix was so positive and energetic we decided to delay it into a brighter future. So here we are now showcasing this absolute beauty of a house mix. Warm and jazzy vibes lay a calm foundation which evolves during the set with some help of agile vocals and disco burners. This one really is a movie and we want to watch it a couple of times. We hope you do, too. Thanks, Wiska for this superb podcast. Xoxo, Ohrenschmaus Podcast! <3 Wiska:
05 April 2019
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