Tracklist/Description: On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, STUNNA closed out the month of programming with a very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In celebration of the recent release of the "REDEFINING THE SPECTRUM" LP from the burgeoning LIQUID DRUM&BASS 4 AUTISM label (an imprint created to raise awareness and provide essential support to people affected by autism in rural areas of under served countries), STUNNA highlighted the album and welcomed prestigious DJs/producers MAKOTO and SCOTT ALLEN, as they presented exclusive guest mixes in support of the cause. Spanning over 40 tracks, the massive "REDEFINING THE SPECTRUM" album was a labor of love, carefully curated by LIQUID DRUM&BASS 4 AUTISM founder DR. MICHAEL LAFASAKIS alongside SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS label head SCOTT ALLEN as a means to create awareness of autism through the healing powers of LIQUID FUNK in the DRUM+BASS music world. The album itself offers a wide spectrum of cutting edge sounds from around the globe, including tracks from this show's guests MAKOTO, SCOTT ALLEN, and STUNNA himself. STUNNA 'THE GREENROOM' JUNE 24, 2020 BASSDRIVE RADIO LIQUID DRUM&BASS 4 AUTISM "REDEFINING THE SPECTRUM" ALBUM SPECIAL TRACKLIST……. • SHOW ME (RANDOM MOVEMENT feat ADRIENNE RICHARDS) • TYRION (mSdoS) • NEED YOU IN MY LIFE (EMBERS OF LIGHT) • STEP INTO MY WORLD (GREEKBOY) • HYPNOTIZED BY YOU (WILL MILES) • NEEDING YOU (MADCAP) • NOTHING TO CONFESS (AURIS feat DUSTKEY) • BROKEN TURNTABLE ( BERT H ) • ONLY TO BE (CHANGER) • CROSSROADS (FURNEY + SCOTT ALLEN) • DAYDREAMING (KONTRAST feat MALI LLOYD) • TICK TICK (PAUL SG) • BLACK FROM BLUE (COLOSSUS feat JESS RATCLIFFE) • STARLING MURMURATION (FLOWRIAN) • ENOUGH (SILENCE GROOVE feat ANASTASIA) • EQUILATERAL (Low r) • VASQUEZ BLUE (FURNEY) SCOTT ALLEN Guest Mix 01. REMINISCE (COSMIC SEQUENCE + LENIZ) 02. YOU MATTER (DUOSCIENCE) 03. CLOSER LOOK (CARTER) 04. DEEP IN MY SOUL (CARTER) 05. ORIGIN (COMMAND STRANGE) 06. SARDEGNA (FX909) 07. BOMBOCLAAT (KONTRAST) 08. STRONG (FURNEY) 09. THIS IS THE PLACE (SCOTT ALLEN + A.K.A) 10. JOYOUS (JRUMHAND) 11. ROLLER DUB (MADCAP) 12. PARTY (FURNEY) 13. ENJOY THE RIDE (PAYBACK) 14. LE VREI GENTIL (FX909) 15. TICK TICK (PAUL SG) 16. LONELINESS LEAVE ME ALONE (FURNEY) 17. JAX DUB (INTERSOUL + Chrizz0r) MAKOTO Guest Mix Tracklist: N/A *For more information, visit: • Makoto on Soundcloud: • Scott Allen on Soundcloud: • Liquid Drum&Bass 4 Autism on Souncloud: • Liquid Drum&Bass 4 Autism Main Site:
02 July 2020
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