Tracklist/Description: To return after such a short break and with such music is doubly pleasant. Today I confess my love to an artist who simply needs no introduction. Lovebirds - in the music of the mid-90s, recorded a lot of iconic tracks, played a bunch of concerts and stood at the origins of the new disco. Seba is still good, still relevant and fresh. His music has been sitting in my playlist since 2008. Welcome to the Lovebirds universe. 1.Minako & The Lovebirds - Delusions (Lovebirds Loop of Thoughts Mix) 2.Lovebirds- Modern Stalking 3.Lovebirds-Out Into The Night 4.Lovebirds - Coming Back for More 5.Lovebirds-Running Backwards (Original Mix) 6.Lovebirds-Gentle 7.Lovebirds - National (Original Mix) 8.Lovebirds - Feel so Good 9.Nebraska - Usin' Me (Lovebirds Remix) 10.Lovebirds - Lewd Accusations 11.Kadebostany - Mind If I Stay (Lovebirds Remix) 12.Lovebirds And Vincenzo - M.U.S.I.C. 13.lovebirds - Mandrill 14.Knee Deep - All About Love (Lovebirds Suite Mix) Please support Ukraine…v-na-potrebi-armiyi
27 May 2022
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