Tracklist/Description: Now live at the Blur Podcasts, the uniquely talented Japanese musician, beatmaker, producer, and DJ - Jank! Having first come to our attention with his Piece of Ballad EP released at Quintessentials two years ago, Jank has since then dropped a flurry of releases on labels such as Theresiopolis, Lisztomania Records, DOBRO and many many others, showcasing why he is one of the most talented producers out there. He is also an accomplished DJ with guest mixes at House Salad Music, Kooley High Records and MMIS to name a few, as well as a proficient guitarist, having playing in several albums of world famous Japanese trackmaker/producer Shin-Ski. For these reasons and many more, he's our guest for the 133rd edition of the Blur Podcasts, which will is now live on our Soundcloud, Youtube and Apple Podcasts pages. Soundcloud: Youtube: Apple Podcasts: Make sure you follow Jank's work in the link below:
29 May 2023
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