Don't know how but I overlooked this mix completely. I have to say Rowpieces is one of the most interesting producer of intelligent soulful dnb at the moment together with Pulsaar and Flowrian. Truly dreamy dnb stuff. Enjoy his Submission mix which consists of his own production / remixes.

01. Rowpieces - Life Can Be So Beautiful
Celsius Recordings Dub
02. Rowpieces - Mind Wandering
Fokuz Recordings Dub
03. Rowpieces - Sweetish
Soul Bros. Records
04. Rowpieces & Soul Cube - Seduce Me
Soul Deep Recordings Dub
05. Rowpieces - Kick Pressure
Soul Bros. Records
06. Rowpieces - Friendly Choir
Soul Bros. Records
07. Rowpieces - You're The Only Way
Phuzion Digital
08. Rowpieces & Chris Sabian - Aquaria
Black Reflection Records Dub
09. Rowpieces - Nice Looking
Soul Bros. Records
10. Moody Bootleggers - No Regrets
Rowpieces Remix / Soul Bros. Records Dub
11. Rowpieces - Farewell
Phuzion Digital Dub
12. Rowpieces - U Want It U Got It
Fokuz Recordings Dub
13. Rowpieces - Soul Surrender
LDNB Music Dub
14. Rowpieces - Almost Exterminated
Jazzsticks Recordings Dub
15. Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
Rowpieces Bootleg
16. Rowpieces - Allright Now
Soul Bros. Records
17. Rowpieces - Stroke Of Genius
Soul Bros. Records
18. Rowpieces & Soul Cube - Soul Food
Soul Deep Recordings Dub
19. Ji Ben Gong & Rowpieces - Past Things
Soul Bros. Records
20. Deckard - The Dawn
Rowpieces Remix / Equinox Records