Blade - Realms of You (Telluric)
Tidal - Carbon Snow (Odyssey)
Tidal - Blue Hours (Odyssey)
Furney - Left Without You (Telluric)
Payback & A.K.A - Secrets (Dub)
Qbig & Zenith B ft Mc Fava - Science (Demand)
Mc Fats Collective - Special Moment (D Bridge Remix) (U Understand Me)
Oliver Ferrer - The Movement (Fokuz)
Conspire - Burning in My Soul (Liquid Drops Dub)
Soul Connection - Step One (Textures Music Promo)
JS9 & Vigorous - Ever Seen (Shaolin Audio)
Glen.E.Ston - Skin Deep (Free D/L)
Vigorous - Emphasis (Shaolin Audio)
Mukiyare & Eblue ft Weedow - Lonely Nights (Soul Deep)
HumaNature & J:Logic - Hold On (Soul Deep)
Colossus ft Mr Science - Anima (Shaolin Audio)
Flowrian - Victor (Influenza)
Alston - Afterglow (Soul Bros)
Liquid Waves - Daydreaming (Funkware Remix) (Free D/L)
Billy Green & Severity Zero - What's Going On (Soul Rebel)
DJ Dubsta - Millie's Song (Soul Flex Dub)
Payback & A.K.A - Timeless Values (Liquid Drops Dub)
Soul Connection - Call the Angels (Soul Deep)
DBase - More than a Crush (Liquid Drops Dub)
Flame - Heartbreak (Al Pack Remix) (Dub)
SoulTec & A.K.A - Time will Tell (Dub)
Toez - Sunflowers (Liquid Drops LTD)
Stunna ft Place42 - Soulcatcher (Telluric)