Tracklist/Description: Using a bed of experience garnered from working in the PR and distribution field of electronic music, Jay Shepheard has been doing his own thing very successfully as the label head of Retrofit and a producer in his own right. Looking at the wider music press over the last few months you'd be hard pressed to find a title that hasn't offered praise to his latest album, Seeing Sound - a release that fully takes advantage of Shepheard’s experience on the dancefloor, perfectly combining his ear for up-vibed disco and house cuts and honing in on the sound that has come to define Retrofit. With a label takeover due to land in Room Three this coming Saturday night, which’ll feature Jacques Renault and Namedrop guesting, we took a few minutes to catch up with the individual behind the outfit to ask him about exactly how he's going to go about his live set come the weekend and what's next to come on the agenda. All of this comes presented alongside a new and exclusively recorded promo mix from Shepheard's own hands… Read the interview: Tickets:
25 February 2015
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