Tracklist/Description: Laidback soulful n jazzy deep liqud dnb in a silky smooth mix courtesy of Alix Perez, nice... This is from the 1st April 2016. I got this from the 'DnB Share' website. Find more sets like this in my playlists - enjoy. Don't hold me to the track listing, I think it's correct but seems like to many tracks... Calibre feat. Crow - Kiya Alix Perez x Ivy Lab - Maiden Alix Perez x Ivy Lab - Arkestra Alix Perez & Skeptical - Elephant Dreams [Unreleased] dBridge & Alix Perez – Distant Reflection [Unreleased] Alix Perez & Ivy Lab - No One Else Halogenix - Her Waves DBR UK - Hexton (ft. Skeptical) DBridge - Last Straw Calibre - Down On You Alix Perez feat. Peven Everett & SpectraSoul - Forsaken (Calibre Remix) Alix Perez - Losing You Calibre - Deep Everytime Marcus Intalex & ST Files - How You Make Me Feel
21 April 2016
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