Tracklist/Description: Part 4 is the final EP in the series to celebrate 16 years of the Intrigue club night. This one features bullets from The Insiders, Random Movement, Stereotype and Joakuim. Release date May 31st on Intrigue Music. Mix tracklisting: 1. The Insiders - Tell Me 2. Stereotype - Still My Girl 3. Random Movement - Paw Prints 4. Joakuim - Méditerranée --- This year sees the 16th birthday of Intrigue, and with it the release of a brand new album titled ‘Intrigue 16’, to celebrate 16 years of the club night. The album consists of 16 new and unlreleased tracks from new stars and established names alike. Parts 1 & 2 in stores now! Intrigue 16 - The Anniversary Collection - EP 4 1. The Insiders - Tell Me 2. Random Movement - Paw Prints 3. Stereotype - Still My Girl 4. Joakuim - Méditerranée CAT: INTRIGUE16EP4 Look out for the full album dropping in June featuring all 4 EPs as one seamless collection!
26 April 2019
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