Tracklist/Description: MeditDnB Sessions episode 172, fresh rollerz and dubz PLUS and ''Exclusive Mix By FX909'' Buy your favourite reppin stickers for this summer and support the MeditDnB ;) Visit the webshop > Send us a selfie of your purchase and we'll give ya a shout ! Big shouts-out to DifferentDrumz Radio + Future Sounds Radio Crew ( 2 Exclusive Medit Mixes forthcoming end of June!) Also big shouts to Qumulus, Ryaudio, Tuff Gee and rest of the Amphibious Crew. Keep on sending your comments, shouts and feedback...we'd love to see them comin! Peace Medit. FX909 / Full Tracklist 1. Phat playaz - Black hair and red lipstick (Smooth n Groove DUB) 2. FX909 - Around midnight (Soul Deep DUB) 3. FX909 - Stay Focus (VIEWER REMIX) (FX909 music DUB) 4. Treex - Stop for a wild (Soul Deep DUB) 5. Conrad Sub - Materialize (Liquid Tribe DUB) 6. Convex - Boudica (Rebel Music) 7. FX909 - On the run (Celsius DUB) 8. Bungle - Bad math (Influence DUB) 9. Askel - Portemanteau (Midnight Sun) 10. Peyo - Chasing Stars feat. Natalie Major (VIP remix) (DUB) 11. Motiv - Butternut Squash (DUB)
16 June 2020
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