Tracklist/Description: * INTERVIEW: * Pre-order: 10 years of Apparel Music: Just like contemporary hip-hop can feel far removed from its founding pillars (rapping, writing, b-boying & DJing) nowadays house and, more widely, dance music seem, sometimes, to get farther from, well, eliciting dancing. Under his main vehicle, his side conceptual moniker of Black Jazz Consortium or his occasional guise Anomaly, the Berlin based New Yorker Fred P. has been a quiet force channeling the very essential motion at the core of this music and culture for the last 15 years. With influences reaching to the roots of American black music, UK’s broken beat and beyond, his unmistakably hypnotic brand of dance music is now occupying a central role in a scene over, below and parallel to the radar of marketed flavour of the week trends; one that is not looking to convince but to transmit a vision, constructing a message. After releasing what is possibly the best house album of 2019 under Black Jazz Consortium, a slew of dancefloor movers that seem to suspend the listener in a timeless space and a series of very singular remixes, Fred P. comes back again with an incredibly soulful number for Apparel Music’s 10th anniversary double vinyl compilation. To celebrate the release of this compilation and his contribution we asked the equally talented DJ to record a mix for us and sent a few questions to try to get some more insight into his vision and craft.
09 June 2020
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