Tracklist/Description: It's about time we had this guy in eh. Malmö resident and master of 'Buttery bits & honey-house' over at Honey Butter records, it's Sune. We've long been a fan of his often dreamy take on disco house and you can always rely on his productions to bring the sun out and wash away any troubles. This mix is chock full of upcoming bits from him & the label but he's been kind enough to tracklist the lot so you'll know what to keep an eye out for. Big ups Sune and enjoy everyone! Artist: @emilsunesson Label: @honeybutterrecords Tracklist: Mangabey - Mister Mind (Pont Neuf) Jesper Ryom - The Two of Us (Freude Am Tanzen) Tour Maubourg - Tejpade Hjärta (Pont Neuf) Cassettes For Kids - You’re Leaving But I’ll Still Love You (forthcoming on Honey Butter Records) Deeleegeenz - Hold It (Inhale Exhale) Joe Corti - You! (China White) Carlo - Momo (Bisiesto) Ugly Frankie & Jimmy Nix - So Lonely (unreleased) Peletronic - Secret Escape (Jad & The Remix) (Fortunea) Ari Bald - Loos (Piano Mix) (unreleased) Will Buck - Checkin’ You Out (Off Track) Sune - Expertis (unreleased)
12 June 2020
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