Tracklist/Description: 333 Sessions this week celebrates, Anyo's Journey back into Djing after a hit and run left him badly injured and uninspired. He explained to me that working on his mix over the last 6 months and listening every one of his 7,000 vinyl records helped him let go of the trauma that the accident brought into his life. This beautiful and heartfelt mix was cathartic in letting go of that pain and now he is feeling much better and ready for a new chapter of his life. This is what we do this for, to give our talented artist a platform to express their feelings and encapsulate them in a seminal mix that fans will come back to year after year. Thank you Anyo Castro for your contribution to the mix and it is apt that you received the special number 013 which is released on this special day, 11th of the 11th month. 333 is especially dear to Anyo who's channel on Facebook Vibeball celebrates the magical number 333! Words from the Maestro: " I am a complete admirer / devotee of the perfect blend / flow of music. Sharing frequencies in certain ways is a big part of my life since 1999. This 6 month project took 6-8 hours every day by going through every single song on every single record I own ( 4010 to be exact ) to find my perfect flow. Many of these songs won't even see the light of day digitally or have been played by me for over 15 years, so I am truly honoured to share this with you all. Thank you Luke Vecchio and Corr Piccone for organising me to do this. I put my heart, soul, tears into this 3 hour & 33 minute mix... I hope it finds YOU accordingly. :)
11 November 2020
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